Ode to the Beach

This is kind of a sad week for me.  My family and I were supposed to be at the beach this week.  We enjoy vacationing on a quiet little barrier island in the Florida gulf coast.  But my daughters were both too busy with work, my wife was a bit reluctant to take the extra time of, and I was unsure who would take adequate care of all my animals.

So we elected to forego this May vacation and postpone until October.  It will be a LOT quieter and more laid back then, anyway.  Not to mention a lot cooler, as well!  And the fishing will be awesome.

So today I was looking at a few old beach pics.  And I thought I would share this one.  I’ve always loved it.


Attention! Fall in!

This is a flock of freshly fed seagulls.  I blessed them with all of the cuttings and innards from my morning catch of trout and whiting.  They really enjoy fresh fish meat.  And I make some awesome buddies for the week!

Yes, my hind-parts are in Kentucky, but my soul is on my island …

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