Apple Time!

The apples are finally ripening.  And what a bumper crop this year.  I’ve only picked about two bushels, and have already canned fourteen quarts, frozen six quarts, and dehydrated six quarts!


Seven quarts of cooking apples, and seven quarts of dessert apples with brown sugar and cinnamon.

Next weekend the juicing begins.  I’ll pick every apple off of the tree, pick the good ones up off of the ground, and juice the whole shebang on my buddy, Tim’s, old 1800’s cider press.  I bought my own press this past year, but it still needs some work to get it fully functional.

Here’s a shot of my yummy dried apple rings and pieces.


SIx quarts of tasty dehydrated apples. It took about a week of constant dehydrator action, but it was soooo worth it! These will be a great high-energy snack during the winter.

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