The Rooster Experiment is Over

A few months ago I purchased a couple of Easter Egger roosters … completely by accident.  I thought I was getting pullet hens, assured by the owners that they were females, but both turned out to be crowers.  I gave one of them away about a month ago, and decided to keep one.  I enjoyed his crowing throughout the day.  And he seemed to be very diligent in keeping up with all of the girls.

But over the past several weeks he has grown increasingly hostile in his mating practices.  His classic move is to catch a hen unawares, pounce, and grab a beak full of neck feathers.  He’s stripped the necks of six of my hens almost clean.  I was learning to live with it.  But he stepped over the line three days ago.

I brought home five new hens last week.  One of them is a gorgeous, sweet, social Speckled Sussex.  He accosted her within the first two days and ripped a huge gash in her neck at the base of her skull, exposing raw flesh.  It was a brutal injury, and afterward he refused to leave her alone.  She has resorted to hiding from him inside the dog fence … which presents other challenges for us when it’s time to let the Schnauzers outside.

So … he had to go.  I just can tolerate any more abuse of my ladies.  I had a friend come by and pick him up this afternoon.

So peace has returned to our hen house.  My twelve ladies explored the yard without harassment all afternoon.  It was a joy.

For sure, I liked old Mufasa (that was his name … the first one I gave away I called Simba), but he had to go.

I don’t think I’ll be having anymore roosters around here.

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