That Must’ve Hurt Really Bad!!

I went out at 10:30 for my usual hen house routine. First I throw some scratch in the chicken run to divert the ladies’ attention, then I clean out the nesting boxes where they spent the night before (all pooped up), and then finally I collect my eggs for the day. The girls are like clockwork … the last one always lays around 10:15. Her egg is always warm – fresh right out of the chicken!

Anyhow … when I looked through the “robbing door” I realized … “We have a jumbo!”

About once every other week I get a jumbo, double-yolked egg from my girls. I’ve been running consistently four extra-large and two large eggs every day. But today I found this monster!

It bottomed out! What a monster egg!!

She bottomed out on my “Incredible Egg Scale,” weighing in at >2.5 ounces!

Out of the six eggs today, I had four XL’s, one large, and the queen mother jumbo.  Can you pick it out of the line-up?

The Henfruit Line-Up? Can you ID the “Suspect?”


I set these big ones aside for my special gluten-free bread that my sweet wife makes for me.  Besides, they’re too cool to just put in a carton and sell.

Now I have to go and give one of my girls a little massage … she deserves it!

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A Feathered Six-Pack!

This is my daily view in my “robbing door.”  Six lovely pink to brown eggs from my Golden Comets.  All in one big pile!


Six lovely henfruits!

There are three separate, private boxes in the coop.  But, wouldn’t you know it?  They all lay in the exact same box.  It’s almost comical … they line up like women at a bathroom in a football stadium!  They pace back and forth, like they’re going to bust wide open if they don’t get in that one box.  Indeed, they’ll drop an egg on the coop floor before they’ll climb into one of the other private laying “rooms.”

That’s my girls!  🙂

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Feeder Cheater!

Don’t you know … there’s one in every crowd.


Puttin' that long chicken neck to some good use! 

As soon as I topped off the feeder, this little lady started skimming right off the top.  Doesn’t seem fair to her more portly sisters … but whatever works!

By the way, I was doing some internet surfing and discovered that my ladies are not the “mutts” that I supposed them to be.  The Amish lady called them “Brown Commons,” but with her accent she may have, indeed, said “Comets.”  By comparing my ladies to some online pictures, I have successfully identified them as none other than Golden Comets!

Which explains why they are such incredible layers!  My first lady lady her egg forty days ago.  Since then, they have given up 188 eggs.  And they’ve ALL been laying daily for over three weeks now.  Wow!

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Beyond all Egg-spectations!

Just nine days after bringing my hens home, I went out do do my daily cleaning of the nesting boxes. (They sleep and poop in them every night.)  I also wanted to top off their feeder and check their water.

I stole a quick glance into the hen house and was absolutely floored to see a gorgeous pink orb tucked away in the corner right up against the clean-out door.  I ran to that door (warp speed), threw it open, and this is what i saw …


Our first gorgeous egg!

I grabbed it and ran screaming into the house, thrilled to show it to the family.  They weren’t quite as excited as I was.  But, oh, well …

I expected that it would take six to eight weeks to start getting eggs.  But the girls started laying in less than two.  Within ten days all were laying, and they have been giving one egg each every morning before 10:30 ever since.

Like I said … Beyond all “egg-spectations!”

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