Nugget Note

Okay, I confess.  I’ve always been something of a tightwad … with a heavy dose of independence and self-sufficiency.  In the fall of 2011 I got the notion to get some hens for my little 2.5 acre “micro farm.”  We’ve had fruit trees and a garden for years, but we’ve never considered livestock in any form.

When I mentioned building a hen house and getting some hens for laying eggs, my wife thought I had completely lost my mind.  She had no desire for more “mouths to feed” or any other animal responsibilities beyond our aloof house cat and two slightly hyper schnauzers.  She thought I was just going through “a phase.”  Maybe even a mid-life crisis of sorts.

But when I started sinking posts in concrete and constructing the hen house and run, she realized that I was serious.  (Plus, when I suggested the option of a couple of cows or maybe a $35,000 bass boat, she became a chicken enthusiast.)  I started building in October 2011.  I took a break for other things during the winter.  Then I finished the project in March of 2012.  You might say I went a little over budget.  To be sure … it will take a lifetime of eggs to “pay the mortgage” on the $600 luxury vacation home that I built for my ladies.  But who cares?  Right?

It only took a few days for my wife to be won over by our six beautiful hens.  Now she cleans nesting boxes, collects eggs, and washes the poop off like an experienced country girl.  My daughters have gotten in on the chicken action, as well.  We have discovered these feathered creatures to be a source of laughter, peace, and joy.

And, of course, there are three new goats adorning our place now, as well.  One loves us, the other two run from us.  What can I say?  They are a work in progress.

So … this web site tells the story of our chickens, goats, dogs, cats, garden, orchard, and kitchen … in essence, our  wannabe farming journey.  We invite you to laugh with us, or at us, depending on the situation. We hope you enjoy it, and tell lots of friends!  Be blessed.


2 thoughts on “Nugget Note

  1. Enjoy the journey.

  2. Oh, can I relate! Don’t even ask what our chicken coop cost! We fondly call it the “Hen Hilton”. Let’s just say, it was double the original quote my husband gave me! But it’s GORGEOUS and the chickens are the best! One thing led to another and now we have goats and bees along with our garden and chickens. But what a blessing! Enjoy your return to farm life!

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