Cherry Pickin’! Jam Time Has Arrived!

I started picking my sour cherries yesterday morning.  I added more to the bowl today.  I had to go ahead and start bringing some in just a bit early … the birds are already working them over.

Hopefully, over the next two days I will be able to pick enough to get three quarts pitted and chopped … enough for three batches of my extra-yummy “Sour Cherry Jam!”

Here is a pic of the red beauties:


Sour cherries … they make the most awesome jam!

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5 thoughts on “Cherry Pickin’! Jam Time Has Arrived!

  1. Wonderful! LOVE sour cherries.

  2. Your blog makes me think of my Grandpa in Illinois, long since gone. He had two sour cherry trees and used to hang aluminum pie pans in them to keep the birds away long enough to get a pie. My Grandma made the best crust and with those cherries it was a memory forever. Enjoy your cherries!

  3. I have used white plastic bags. I’m not sure if they help. It’s pretty much a timing issue … catching them just right, just before the birds really dig in! They do make incredible baked goods. Especially cherry pies, which are my favorite. However, I just discovered in 2010 that I have Celiac Disease. So, no more “normal” baked goods for me … my wife is able to make a special pie crust from a gluten-free Bisquick, but it’s just not the same. 😦

  4. I wish we could even get sour cherries out here on the west coast. I love anything madewith sour cherries.

    • Steve, I love them, too. I just wish we had more. I only had about 20% pollination this year. But the six quarts I managed to get made two amazing batches of jam. They take just like a slice of cherry pie in a jar! I wish I could get one to you. 🙂

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