That Must’ve Hurt Really Bad!!

I went out at 10:30 for my usual hen house routine. First I throw some scratch in the chicken run to divert the ladies’ attention, then I clean out the nesting boxes where they spent the night before (all pooped up), and then finally I collect my eggs for the day. The girls are like clockwork … the last one always lays around 10:15. Her egg is always warm – fresh right out of the chicken!

Anyhow … when I looked through the “robbing door” I realized … “We have a jumbo!”

About once every other week I get a jumbo, double-yolked egg from my girls. I’ve been running consistently four extra-large and two large eggs every day. But today I found this monster!

It bottomed out! What a monster egg!!

She bottomed out on my “Incredible Egg Scale,” weighing in at >2.5 ounces!

Out of the six eggs today, I had four XL’s, one large, and the queen mother jumbo.  Can you pick it out of the line-up?

The Henfruit Line-Up? Can you ID the “Suspect?”


I set these big ones aside for my special gluten-free bread that my sweet wife makes for me.  Besides, they’re too cool to just put in a carton and sell.

Now I have to go and give one of my girls a little massage … she deserves it!

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2 thoughts on “That Must’ve Hurt Really Bad!!

  1. I love your egg scale!

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