Lumberjack Snack!

I have this horrific Bradford Pear tree in my front yard.  The lower limbs are like shark’s teeth.  Every year I trim them, then new ones follow gravity down into their place.  It’s impossible to mow under the stupid tree.  Honestly, it’s way past its normal life span.  I keep waiting for a big wind to split it in two.  I would like to have the space for more actual fruit trees.

Anyhow … I cut some limbs today and my goats were just across the fence.  A captivated audience.  So I had an idea.  I thought that I might toss the limbs into the goat lot and let them snack a bit.  When they’re done, I’ll just drag them to the burn pile in the back of the lot.

Well … let’s just say that the pear leaves and little tiny pear nuggets were a big hit.  They’ve been feasting all day!


Muncha, muncha, muncha ...

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