A Feathered Six-Pack!

This is my daily view in my “robbing door.”  Six lovely pink to brown eggs from my Golden Comets.  All in one big pile!


Six lovely henfruits!

There are three separate, private boxes in the coop.  But, wouldn’t you know it?  They all lay in the exact same box.  It’s almost comical … they line up like women at a bathroom in a football stadium!  They pace back and forth, like they’re going to bust wide open if they don’t get in that one box.  Indeed, they’ll drop an egg on the coop floor before they’ll climb into one of the other private laying “rooms.”

That’s my girls!  🙂

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5 thoughts on “A Feathered Six-Pack!

  1. Our three are the same – two laying boxes but they only ever use the one on the right… and sleep in it given half a chance. I’ve even seen two of them squeezed in together and laying at the same time!

    • I still keep holding out hope that they will discover the roosting bars. But so far all they do is play on those. It’s clear from the poop that I have to scoop every morning that they are all sleeping in the nesting boxes. When they were a bit smaller, they tended to sleep in and around one box. Now it looks like all three are getting action. Oh, well, I guess I sleep where I want to … so can they! 🙂 Thanks for visiting and commenting, BTW!

      • We often barricade our nest boxes at night and then they do perch… at least this limits the poop scooping required in the morning!

  2. I might have to do that at some point. But I’m just letting them do their thing for now. This weekend I did a total clean-out of the hen house. Got the straw out and replaced everything with a bundle of pine shavings. This seems to be a LOT cleaner, much lest dust, and a lot easier to scoop. My only problem with closing them up at night is making it out early in the morning to get everything opened up. One of my girls lays just after sunrise, and the other five are usually done by 10:30. Since I have an outside “robbing door” directly into the boxes, they are really easy to scoop out and clean. I just keep a bucket nearby and empty it into the compost bin each week.

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