Feeder Cheater!

Don’t you know … there’s one in every crowd.


Puttin' that long chicken neck to some good use! 

As soon as I topped off the feeder, this little lady started skimming right off the top.  Doesn’t seem fair to her more portly sisters … but whatever works!

By the way, I was doing some internet surfing and discovered that my ladies are not the “mutts” that I supposed them to be.  The Amish lady called them “Brown Commons,” but with her accent she may have, indeed, said “Comets.”  By comparing my ladies to some online pictures, I have successfully identified them as none other than Golden Comets!

Which explains why they are such incredible layers!  My first lady lady her egg forty days ago.  Since then, they have given up 188 eggs.  And they’ve ALL been laying daily for over three weeks now.  Wow!

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